ECO-TEC Engineering & Financial Consulting Ltd. was founded in 2007, by Márton Elekes ( ✝ 2010.), graduated traffic system engineer, relying on his domestic and international experience.

    The Company was founded with the objective to provide; engineering services to Clients for the protection of their interests, assistance with engineering consultancy in public procurements, support in project preparation, management, construction supervision and technical advisory services during project execution.

  • 2009-2011

    In 2009, ECO-TEC Ltd. participated for the first time in the execution of a large infrastructure project. The Margaret Bridge in Budapest, the second permanent bridge of the capital over the Danube River, was built between 1872 and 1876. Following its reconstruction after World War II, it underwent only one renovation. ECO-TEC Ltd. has been assigned as engineering advisor and technical supervisor in the full refurbishment, carried out in 2009-2011.

  • 2012-2014BUSINESS GROWTH

    The ownership of the Company changed in 2012 which involved the setting up of a new management but the aims defined at the time of foundation remained unchanged.

    The new management has successfully recognised the expectations of the market and the business expansion potential generated by the ambitious infrastructure development programs launched in Hungary. ECO-TEC Ltd. experienced in this period a dynamic increase in the number of contracts for engineering services.

    The organisational structure had to be adjusted to the increasingly complex assignments.

    • We have reorganised our staff  into professional business divisions
    • The work of the divisions is led by reputed, highly experienced division directors
    • The efficient operation and cooperation between divisions is guaranteed by the support of Head office service groups
    • A Management Board, consisting of the executive- and the division directors supervises the

    operation, the financial stability of the Company and the refinement of the business development strategy


    The company management recognised the opportunities created by the 2014-2020 EU funding cycle.

    During the past 5 years, ECO-TEC Ltd. had a dynamically increasing number of contracts in all fields of infrastructure and building construction projects. As a result of the continuously growing demand, our Company now employs nearly 60 full-time employees (and a number of external contractual partners).

    By the end of the running funding cycle, ECO-TEC Ltd. reached a leading position in the field of project management and supervision of large-scale public infrastructure investments, as well as on the market of professional advisory services and technical management of large size, environment conscious, real estate development projects financed from private funds.


In the constantly increasing competition, we aim to guarantee our business stability and development by retaining our professionals, giving them continuous training and we rely on the strength of our competitiveness supported by our reference projects.



During the past decade, ECO-TEC Ltd. contributed to the realisation of several state of the art engineering works, unique structures and buildings of outstanding quality by providing engineer services through the expertise of our professionals and our performance being in line with the contractual terms of our assignments


These days, investment-supporting engineering tasks can only be performed by professionals having appropriate, specific academic education, being in possession of rich experience, and holding a wide range of professional qualification, who can also prove their expertise in the management of divers’ financial and legal implications which are closely linked to the engineering services.

Relying on the variety of our references, our Company is capable of delegating professionals to nearly every field of engineering services, from the preparation to the execution of complex developments and investments, as well as construction supervision.


Today engineering work is a professional activity assisted by advanced information technology and the use software’s capable of modelling even the most complex tasks in order to find the optimum solution.

During the process of any project execution, the consultant engineer is responsible for the prevention of arising conflicts, the resolution of unavoidable problems, the identification as well as the evaluation of possible alternatives and for the maintenance of costs at controlled level.

We valorise our experience and expertise by protecting the interests of our Clients.


  • tender preparation and management
  • construction supervision and management
  • design supervision services
  • cost control, quantity surveying services
  • preparation of project closing reports in legal, engineering and financial areas
  • preparation of feasibility studies
  • revision of the legal background of project execution
  • preparation of financial models of investments
  • preparation of financial optimisation proposals
  • realisation of inspections to justify payments
  • real estate development and exploitation consulting

According to divisions, ECO-TEC Ltd. offers engineering services in the following areas of expertise

Railway transport infrastructures
  • local, urban and national public railway track construction
  • telecommunication, data transmission and communication systems
  • heavy current remote control systems
  • interlocking, railway traffic, transport control and train control systems
Development of the national road networks
  • road construction
  • construction of civil engineering structures (road, railway, junction structures and river bridges)
  • drainage, water engineering
  • public utility constructions
Urban transport
  • management of procurement and certification processes for  tram and trolley vehicles
  • technology related to vehicle procurement (depot equipment)
Building construction
  • renovation of listed buildings
  • construction of commercial buildings
  • realisation of energy projects
  • construction of special research buildings


ECO-TEC Ltd. operates an integrated quality assurance system according to the requirements of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 system standards.

The Military Quality Assurance System introduced in 2014 involves all regulations for meeting the NATO AQAP 2110:2016 requirements.

In addition to these system standards, the company holds the “Potential supplier of MVM Paks II. Zrt.” and “Qualified NATO supplier” qualifications.

ISO 9001 & 14001 certificate

ISO 27001 certificate

AQAP 2110 certificate